from inside the bubble

a mid-week roundup of just a few of the right wing bat shit crazy moments so far this week …

Michelle Bachmann: There will be ‘even more sexual assaults’ if Hillary Clinton wins in November

Secret Service Bans Cellphone Cameras To Protect Hillary From Seizures

Trump Surrogate Tomi Lahren warns BLM and Muslim Brotherhood conspiring to ‘burn our cities and topple our government’

Trump: ISIS Will ‘Take Over This Country’ If Hillary Clinton Wins

Louie Gohmert: Child Abuse ‘Universally’ Turns Boys Gay
Dave Daubenmire: ‘We Cannot Vote For Hillary Clinton Because Women Are Not To Have Authority Over Men’
Jim Bakker: Hillary And Obama Support Globalism, Just Like The Antichrist
Proof Hillary Is Possessed By Pepe The Frog

African-American man kicked out of Hillary rally for wearing Bill Clinton RAPE t-shirt: Why is Hillary’s security assaulting black people at her rallies?

and my own personal fave this week …

Hillary Caught On Tape Birthing Alien Life Form

and you wonder why these people are so confused by reality …


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