king ‘leer’

I’m completely at a loss for words on this one …
As my youngest son says “I got nuttin’” …
Predatory, sickening, disgusting, despicable, illegal, etc. barely begin to cover the tire fire that is Donald J. Trump …
To Donald and his ‘surrogates’, we all know who you are, what you are, and why you are … it’s over for you and your cynical, self-centered candidacy, YOU are what’s wrong with America, and now everyday Americans can and will send you all packing with the message that “you’re not welcome here, don’t come back this way again!”
And as for the GOP and their followers that are backing this guy, fuck you lowlifes … now we all know for sure that you all have chosen party and power over country, and no amount of bullshit and spin is going to get you out of this hole.
And finally for all the GOP’ers that are crying about what a fucking mess this guy is for your party, again, fuck you, “you built this!” … you own it! … deal with it …

here’s this morning’s headlines …

Donald Trump caught bragging about how he was able to ‘get away’ with ‘inspecting’ naked Miss USA contestants backstage when he owned the pageant

Former teen beauty queens: Trump barged in on us changing

Sex Assault Accusations Pile Up

Groped Woman In First Class

Forcibly Kissed Receptionist On The Mouth

Grabbed Woman During A Photoshoot 

‘PEOPLE’ Mag Writer: He Attacked Me

FLASHBACK: ‘Grabbed’ Miss Washington’s ‘Ass’

‘92 VIDEO: Don Points To 10-Year-Old, Says He’ll Be ‘Dating Her In 10 Years’…

and THIS is how the Dongald responds to all of the above …

Trump Lets His Followers Know ‘Hillary Clinton Can’t Satisfy Her Husband’
Source: TPM
Real estate mogul Donald Trump might want to check whatever reflex makes him compulsively retweet his supporters’ #Trump2016 messages.
The potential presidential hopeful on Thursday shared a fan’s tweet that read “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”
Trump deleted the tweet, but not before actor Lenny Jacobson got a screenshot of it:
The deleted tweet was also archived on a Boston Glove live blog that tracked tweets from presidential hopefuls during a New Hampshire Republican Party leadership summit.
Read more: HERE …

and THIS …

Trump says his 2016 campaign could be his ‘single greatest waste of time, of energy and money’
Donald Trump cast the US presidential race in stark personal terms Wednesday, telling voters that if he loses against Hillary Clinton it will be the “single greatest waste” of his time and money.
The provocative billionaire, in a disjointed speech in Ocala, Florida with just 27 days before the election, reminded supporters that he will have spent some $100 million of his own fortune on his campaign. “If I don’t win on November 8th, I will consider this the single greatest waste of time, of energy and money,” the Republican nominee told the crowd.

and THIS …

Pic of the Moment 

and, of course, THIS …
Threatens Lawsuit Against Accusers  and Goes Nuclear On Clintons

pos by hip is everything


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