It’s All In The Wrist Action

Editor’s Note: Let’s lay off the rude comments about Trump’s hair guys, he can’t comb it until the condor eggs hatch … there will be plenty of time to mock the angry pumpkin overlord later, okay?

If this asshole’s gunna be prez, then it won’t be long before it’s mandatory to wear this hairstyle … it’s what all the cool overlords are doing these days

Now, on with today’s tutorial …


We realize that this is a ‘do’ that takes some many years to master, so for those of you who need a helping hand, might I recommend the following book … it really helped me out here with my own ‘do’ …

TRUMP HAIR FOR DUMMIES by hip is everything

and here’s proof that you too can do it! …

brett_trump hair

I’m feelin’ jacked as shit and ready for tonight’s debate pimpin’ my new ‘Trumpador 9001’ …
And the chicks dig it too!


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