The Debate … A Picture Story

For those of you who missed it, and really can’t bear to watch the rerun you recorded … sniff.

Image result for angry trump

Trump, knowing that he desperately needs ‘the women’s vote’ if he is to continue his charade grift scampaign run for the Whitehouse responds here to host Chris Wallace’s questions about the ever growing list of women that have come forward to accuse Mr. Cosby Trump of sexually assaulting them and whether he would apologize to them.
He basically said “I don’t know ‘em and I don’t assault anyone under a “9”, sniff, and these… these, these chicks are just, sniff, using me to get famous … sniff, did I mention I’d never assault these women – they’re like 4’s and stuff … sniff”.

women for trump

The women of America respond to Donnie Bad Touch and his responses to the Chris Wallace questions.


Causing the Tangerine Anus’ poll numbers to perform much like the candidate’s businesses have over the years.

Image result for trump debate

Then, Donnie says “maybe I will and maybe I won’t” when asked if he would accept the outcome of the election. He also made some snide-ass remark, mockingly and angrily wishing Hillary “good luck with that!”

CLINTON TRUMP MORTAL KOMBAT by hip is everything

Hillary strikes quickly and BOOM BABY!!! … it’s over.


GOP House Members seen here fleeing leaving Congress after watching last night’s debate.
(House leader Paul Ryan lower right)


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