Snips, The “2016, Yer’ Such A Jerk” Edition

As we approach the scariest day of the year, a quick look at stuff I’ve collected this week from around the old Interwebz …
NO, not Halloween … sheesh people … I mean election day …

This whole ‘clown scare’ thing has got to stop … NOW!


perfectly encapsulating the GOP/Trump approach to politics …


yeah, they’re all the same … bullshit!

see above comment …

sums it ip eh
at the end of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner … boy, if looks could kill … you can just feel the hatred and loathing here … yeah, this asshole would make a fine commander in chief … and the hand position tells me that he wants to ‘grab that’ but Melania is standing right there, so, no go at the moment, so he just grabs his own pussy …

trump at gettysburg

Mr. Lincoln after the Dongald’s Gettysburg Address Undress …


get used to this, the Velveeta Raccoon is building a new ‘product line’ based entirely on blame, fear and loathing … Trump TV.

and the crowd below goes wild – with chants of “Jump!, Jump!, Jump!” …


♪ ♫ ♩ ♬   He came in like a wre-eecking ballll   ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ …

But, the universe has a way of balancing the truly scary shit with some good stuff …



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