Plagiarism Runs In The Family

Trump: “Oooooh, nice! … Low-cut top”

Whoa! She isn’t copying Michelle Obama’s ballot is she? …
I’m betting this is exactly how he made it through his days at Wharton … Trump is like that kid in school who cheated by copying other people’s answers, but was so stupid he’d also copy their name … and if he is indeed ‘pullin’ a rubberneck’ here then Trump probably just voted for Hillary. ’cause I’m bettin’ “she’s with her!” … it would be the perfect first step in Melania’s campaign against bullying, don’t ya’ think? =)

We need this guy gone in 24 hours … GONE, no more of him … just sayin’ …
And Donnie, as Mr. Petty says “don’t come ‘round here no more!”


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