Transition Update

Scenes from inside the Dumpster fire known as the Trump transition …

emperor has new clothes
Trump showing off his new “Glorious Leader’s Uniform” as he stands watch over his transition (DON’T call them trans) team … “It’s almost as if I served my nation when I wear it, and many people say I woulda served heroically and Bigly!, better than that poser John McCain” … Of course it is you penile-challenged, tiny-handed, Cheetoh scented bigot.


rudy meets with
Rudy 911!!! Giuliani, seen here on the left, confronting Chris Hayes of MSNBC as to why Hayes dares to point out Giuliani’s constant hypocrisy, rampant racism, 1850’s level misogyny and complete lack of human emotion or ethics. Hayes, on right, explains that “if it smells like shit, and it looks like shit, then it’s probably shit, regardless of whether Trump and the sycophant Giuliani call it policy.


sec of state auditions
Mittens RMoney dropped by to kiss some serious Trump ass trying to position himself for the Secretary of State job, but quickly left when Trump grabbed him by his ‘magic undies’ and tried to kiss him. Mittens was heard to mutter “the smell of Tic Tacs was so strong, so sickeningly sweet, I almost threw up” as he ran from the room.


trumps new sec defense i meant GEORGE shultz
Steve Bannon: “I meant George Schultz for Secretary of State you dimwitted fool! … Jesus fucking Christ Donald, put down that fucking phone and pay some fucking attention!?!”


Laura ‘I Hate Everyone!” Ingraham seen hear during her rehearsal/audition for White House Press Secretary. Apparently Ann ‘The Man’ Coulter wasn’t available.



inauguaral rehearsals have begun
Dress rehearsals for the inauguration are going on across town at the Mall.


trump pence swastika1
Newly appointed Chief of Stank Staff, Rank Penis unveiled the new Trump Pence banner, which will be placed on every street corner in America immediately after inauguration day.


trump nazi
Rank also unveiled the new “American Patriot Uniform” which will also be rolled out to every American on inauguration day. So festive! (love the Heil Trump salute by the doll** in the bottom right corner of the picture).
**the new Brietbart Annie Doll will be available for purchase at immediately following the Velveeta Raccoon’s inauguration for only $6.66 +S&H.


Trump, seen here explaining why he is so angry all the time …

donald and i are so much alike
Rudy Giuliani explains why he and Trump are so ‘sympatico’ … see previous picture. And here everyone had always thought it was the racism, homophobia and misogyny that drew these two grifters to each other.


salute like this or else
Trump seen here practicing his new “People’s salute” for his inauguration speech where he will be sworn in using his own personally autographed hard-cover, first edition copy of Mein Kampf written by Trump’s mentor and boyhood best friend Adolfus Hitler, although Donnie and the other lads referred to him as simply ‘Lyin’ Addy.

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