Team America, Is That You?

I’ve been working on a script for a TV pilot about what happens when a 70-year-old man, whose bluster has rarely carried much consequence, suddenly wins a job where his every syllable is dissected for it’s every possible meaning by world leaders, friendly and not, around the world.
To give it just a little bit of a dramatic edge, I made the hero of the show a basic illiterate with NO knowledge of the world around him. NONE! And I gave him these amazingly tiny baby hands to make his life hell. The shame of his tiny little hands, combined with his overwhelming vanity eventually drives him mad, and he hatches his plot to become the leader of the world. A world where his followers will be forced to only refer to him as Dim Don Ill, Glorious Leader of the People’s Army.
The storyline follows his vengeance driven misadventures as he hap-hazardly wreaks ruin everywhere he goes on his never-ending quest for approval and adulation. I know it’s more than a little unrealistic, but hey, it’s TV, so who cares.
I’ve even written a catchy little ditty as the show’s theme song. I call it “Team America – WTF? Yeah …”
So … ??? … have I got a winner or what?


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