No Chinning

Petulant Elect Donnie ‘Bad Touch’ Trumpolini, AKA the Velvet Raccoon, is demanding that “certain networks” stop using “certain unflattering pictures” of him because they apparently “give the false impression that Mr. Trump” has double chins. Fair enough, he is the Petulant Elect. So, if you should see any one posting pictures like the one below, please ask them to kindly refrain from doing so. And for <insert deity of yer’ choice here>’s sakes do NOT share this picture. It is ONLY being used here as an example of what NOT to share.
Thank you.

chinning time by hip is everything


2 thoughts on “No Chinning

  1. I don’t think it’s the unflattering photos that create the impression that Trump has second chin.
    It’s the photos that show that whenever Trump is eating, it’s more often than not some unhealthy fast food.

    • I know, the man is a walking ad for a stroke, or a massive heart attack … like the doc sez, “the healthiest prez ever – ofc the doc in question looks like a stand-in for the prof in some really bad sci-fi from the 50’s, sorta like the Trump team in general – the kinda movie where there’s a lot of “drink time!” or “bong hit time” whenever the characters say something ludicrous … hmm, maybe that’s how we got here – America was drunk/stoned voting, … hmmm – Mr. Chaffitz – Investigation please!

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