Tim Micallef Is Everywhere

Recently a spate, yep, a veritable spate of Tim Micallef photos from the past have been surfacing … here’s just a few …
He’s everywhere man … he’s everywhere! …

high school band the timtles
“Here I am with my good friends George, Ringo and John outside our old studio. We toured Northern Ontario for years as the ‘Timtles’ … Ahh, life on the road.”

mrs robinson i presume
“One of my favorite roles from the early days of my amazing and stellar career “
”Mrs. Robinson I presume?”

apollo 11 crew
“With my old Apollo 11 crew, after arriving safely home on earth”

tim buys lunch for his pals
“At a little surprise dinner that my friends threw for me … Of course, I had to pick up the tab”

rip good friend
“Just jammin’ with my old pal Jimi at Woodstock … Are you experienced?, I am…”

fleetwood micallef
“A lot of peeps don’t know this but I wrote most of the ‘Rumours’ album, and the original name of the band was actually Fleetwood Micallef.”

burning down the house
“My first ‘BUSH PAWTEE’ Oh what a day it was! … I remember it like it was yesterday …”

tim is a born leader
“It took days, but we finally took that freaking hill”


Next week … Sidney Seixeiro, The Early Years …

sid zeppelin
Sidney’s high school garage band – Sid Zeppelin, a Toronto cabaret fave for many years. Regulars at the Macombo, and Funland Arcade at Yonge & Dundas. Sid eventually had to leave the band because “they were just too frign loud brah, plus that singer dude was gettin’ all the girls, so who needs that eh? Besides they were goin’ nowhere, so time to go baby”


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