And Now, A PSA From Team Trump

And now, a short public service announcement from the incoming Trump Fiasco Administration, spelling out their plans for America …

gop taking you back by hip is everything

know yer gop1

know yer gop2

know yer gop3

know yer gop4

know yer gop6

know yer gop8

know yer gop9

know yer gop10

know yer gop11

… and of course, they’ll all be led by the Velveeta Raccoon himself.

TIME DBag of the Year by hip is everything

… with a little help from America’s Mayor, Rudy 911!, 911!, 911! Giuliani, seen below, peering out the window of Mr. Trump’s office high atop the Gilded Tower O’ Hate in New York City …giuliani shut out


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