Priebus and Butthead

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Reince Priebus signals changes ahead for White House press corps

NEW YORK/LOC-HIE  Incoming White House Chief of Staph Rank Penis suggested that major changes are coming to the White House press corps.
Speaking to radio host Hugh ‘Smug Fuck’ Hewitt, renowned grifter and professional sycophant (we call ‘em whores ‘round here), Penis said “many things have to change” in the White House’s relationship and daily traditions with the media, including the daily briefing with the White House Press Secretary.
“I think that it’s important that we look at all of those traditions that are great, but quite frankly, as you know, don’t really make news and they’re just sort of mundane, boring episodes, and we’re really only interested in fact free propaganda and super inflammatory rhetoric, so as to distract from the “tremendous illegal enterprise” that the Glorious Leader, will be bringing to the White House.” Penis said. Penis added that Mr. Trump will henceforth be known only by his Russian name ‘Igur Cuckovitch’,
”Also, our Glorious Leader wants us to now refer to the ‘White House press corps’ as the ‘White House Press Corpse’ as he feels it would more accurately describe the new function of the press with regards to the dumpster fire-clusterfuck known as the Trump Administration.”
Penis also made it perfectly clear that Petulant Erect Donnie Bad Touch “has NO interest AT ALL in any ‘presidenting’ that may get in the way of making bank, and therefore would rather just dispense with the whole press, questions, accountability and facts thing entirely.”


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