Trump Grabs The Hill

trump grabs the Hill 2

New York/LOC-HIE  In a newly “leaked” photo supposedly taken backstage at the final Presidential Debate, Petulant Erect Donnie Bad Touch Trump (right) is shown here “grabbin’ the Hill, and proving what a tremendous lover and manly stud he really is” as spokesdragon Kellyanne Shillway breathlessly put it to CNN Propagandist Wolf Blitzkrieg. Apparently, shortly after the photo was taken the pair were spotted sharing a cigarette while waiting for their limos.


5 thoughts on “Trump Grabs The Hill

  1. “spokesdragon” Ayup. That’s exactly what she was – and still is. Just not so intensely now that the election is over. I have to wonder how much Trump paid her such a horrible person.

      • I had to take a break from the news starting the day after the election. I still listen to talk radio all day while I work, but when talk about Trump, it’s generally not nice. I cannot watch any news coverage of him. It sickens me, his voice sickens me. So many lies. So much deceit. I’m slowing starting to watch the news is small bits now. I still cannot stand to hear Trump’s voice, though. I have to mute the tv until he’s done. Have I mentioned how much I hate that man?

        • I must say you pretty much describe my own feelings and situation … I find that watching these grifters is infuriating, saddening and scary all at once. On a much lighter and happier note, it’s nice to see ya’ ’round here again =) … and have a fantastic! holidays eh?.. as always, safe journeys my friend, peace. <3

          • Thanks. I miss blogging. I’m trying to post more often. Work just keeps me so busy. When I’m done working, I’m ready to get off the computer and go veg in front of the tv. :)

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