COMING SOON: ‘The Grifters’

The Grifters is a 2017 American neo-noir crime drama film set to be released upon an unsuspecting American public on January 20th, 2017. It was directed by KKK fan boi Steve Bannon and produced by James Comey and Snitch ‘the Bitch’ McConnell, and stars the Velveeta Raccoon himself, Petulant Erect, Donnie ‘Bad Touch’ Drumpf as ‘the Liar King’ along with his new BFF, love interest and mentor Vlad ‘the Boss’ Pootin. Also sure to bring down the house with his portrayal of a drunken, obese, wife-abusing, racist, small dicked, angry, homophobe who “fuckin’ hates everyone” is co-conspirator co-star, new comer Steve ‘Whitey’ Ban-Em.  The screenplay was written by the back alley Barbie herself, Kellyanne Con-Way, based on the Donald Trump biography/pulp novel of the same name.
Also starring the original ‘Children of the Corn’, Donald Trump Jr. as the head sycophant, Eric ‘Gadfly” Trump as the ‘comic foil’ and Ivanka Trump as the first lady. A brief appearance by Melania Trump as the ex-escort and gold-digging girl friend of  the ‘Apricot Asshole’ as the Velveeta Raccoon was known during his school years, was interesting, although the sub-titles every time she spoke were distracting even though absolutely necessary.

the coup by hip is everything


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