Okay, we’re going to take a moment away from the satire here and deal with what I see as the most disgusting moment yet by the always cowardly Trump.
This morning I turned on my TV to see that the President Elect, Donald J. Trump was again Twitter raging. Nothing new there, it seems to be his only form of communication, and i get that. When the best you can muster is word salad as your speech pattern, and you live in a world of insecurity, thin skin and ignorance with a healthy dose of fear, that’s what you do. Fine.
This time though, it is different, very different.
On the eve of a Martin Luther King Day Donald Trump has ignited fresh controversy by attacking one of the country’s GREATEST civil rights leaders ever, a man who who marched with Martin Luther King and accused him of being “talk and no action.”
Mr. Trump’s comments came after the 76-year-old politician and former “freedom rider” said he did not believe the New York tycoon’s victory was legitimate as a result of Russian’s attempt to interfere with the election. As a result, he said he would not be attending next week’s inauguration, the first he will have missed in three decades.
Now, I get that the incoming President has built his entire political resume by way of racist, demagogic attacks, and that to he and his followers Mr. Lewis’ accomplishment represent everything that they hate. Racial equality, opportunity and the raising up of people of color as equals in America are all things that you, Mr. Trump have spent the last many years fighting AGAINST. In fact the facts show that you have a decades long history of blatant racism. I’m not even going to get into the specifics, any 8 year old with Google can clearly see that this is true. So, when I wake up in the morning to see the following tweets from you to your idiot followers, I am enraged by your callous, petulant behavior and disgusted by the depths that you will stoop to  to make yourself feel better when you feel that someone, anyone, has disrespected you. Because of your own lack of accomplishment and total lack of concern for your fellow Americans, and because you apparently lack the mental toughness to withstand ANY scrutiny, you continuously lash out like the immature, vengeful, truly ignorant man you are. You sir are a coward, plain and simple. A whiny, petulant, thin-skinned, immature, narcissistic COWARD.
While Mr. Lewis was busy marching, and nearly dying for his country, YOU were living off daddy’s money and living the spoiled, in the bubble, protected life that your daddy’s money gave you. And while Mr. Lewis was being beaten nearly to death for his country, you, being the coward you are were AVOIDING ANY service to your country by claiming that ‘bone spurs’ must keep you from fighting for your country. Even that turned out to be a lie. A lie that was allowed due to your winning the ‘birth lottery.’
As far as the ‘facts’ of your tweet are concerned Mr. Lewis’ district is NOT crime infested, the educational rates in his district are among the highest in the country and have been for many, many years. This too was also easily learned by a quick Google search, a task you and your sycophants seem unable to understand or undertake.
How dare you, a five time draft evader, attack this man, this hero, this man who is beyond any question most worthy the of role model status he has so rightfully and deservedly attained. How dare you, a man who has never done ANYTHING for ANYONE other than himself attack a man who’s shoes you could NEVER fill for even a second, all because you are so small and insignificant.
Mr. Lewis was right, you are an ‘illegitimate’ president, no matter how one looks at it.
You have not the temperament, the education, the understanding, nor the empathy to be president. And you sir are a coward. Nothing more, and nothing less – a coward. Now shut the fuck up, grow a pair, apologize profusely to Mr. Lewis and every thinking, caring American, and then try your best to act like an adult. Do you think you can do that? Do you think that you can, even for a moment, try to rise above the slime in which you seem to so gleefully wallow, and be an adult? Do you think that you can at least fake some kind of empathy for your fellow Americans? Any???
Personally, I think that I am asking way more of you than I can possibly expect from you.
You disgust me.
Truth be told, you disgust and repel the vast majority of the world’s population (again, check out that freaking Google thing Donnie).




You mean THIS John Lewis Donnie? …

John Robert Lewis (born February 21, 1940) is an American politician and civil rights leader. He is the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 5th congressional district, serving since 1987, and is the dean of the Georgia congressional delegation. His district includes the northern three-quarters of Atlanta.
Lewis, who as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was one of the “Big Six” leaders of groups who organized the 1963 March on Washington, played many key roles in the Civil Rights Movement and its actions to end legalized racial segregation in the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, Lewis is a member of the Democratic leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives and has served as a Chief Deputy Whip since 1991 and Senior Chief Deputy Whip since 2003. As Senior Chief Deputy Whip, he has led other Chief Deputy Whips and serves as the primary assistant to the Democratic Whip

THIS John Lewis Donnie? …


The guy sitting with Martin Luther King ? …

This John Lewis, Donnie? …

The SUCCESSFUL author … In addition to continuing his work in Congress, Lewis has reached out to a younger generation by helping to create a series of graphic novels about his work in the Civil Rights Movement. In 2016, he won the National Book Award for the third installment in the series March: Book Three, which marks the first time a graphic novel has received the honor.

I now, and will always, stand WITH John Lewis and AGAINST you  Mr. Trump, and I know in my heart that I speak for hundreds of millions of the world’s citizens.
Fuck you Donald J.Trump.

#istandwithJohnLewis   #neverTrump

p.s. and before we have to endure any more of your tiny handed raging about how you “are a counterpuncher”, get ready for a long, long fight as Mr. Lewis only said what hundreds of millions are already thinking and saying.

UPDATE: for your perusal Mr. Trump (that means ‘read it’ asshole) …
Trump’s claims that Rep. Lewis’ district was “falling apart” and that he was “all talk, talk, talk – no action or results,” were suitably torn apart by a slew of both liberals and conservatives on Twitter. CNN commentator Keith Boykin posted a detailed profile of Lewis’ Congressional district, which shows that a high percentage of constituents have college degrees. Occupy Boston activist Robin Jacks also pointed out that Lewis’ district includes prestigious universities and one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the South. Others who actually live in the district mocked Trump’s assertion that it was “crime infested.”


Maybe if you, Mr. Trump would spend as much time and energy defending Mr. Lewis, a true American hero as you do Mr.  David Duke or Mr. V. Putin, you wouldn’t find yourself in the middle of this self inflicted mess. You sir are truly “what is wrong with America”.
As you, Mr.Trump, slam John Lewis ahead of MLK Day, remember that this real man and hero risked his life in the ’60s while you arranged 5 Vietnam draft deferments.


2 thoughts on “Coward!

  1. Donald Trump doesn’t need Google or any books as sources. He can, apparently, guess the crime rate of a congressman’s district simply by looking at the congressman.

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