Rudy the Weasel New Cyber Sheriff

Rudy ‘911!, 911!, 911!!!’ Giuliani to head ‘Cyber Squad’ for Trump Administration

Rudy Giuliani, renowned 911 profiteer and war monger has been name the head of Petulant Erect Donnie Bad Touch Trump’s new cyber squad. So, in reality, there will be no security.
Let’s face it, when you’re as technologically and computer savvy as the Petulant Erect is, who needs security. AND he’s like a smart person, so there’s that.
PHEW!  It’s all good. I mean what the fuck could go wrong with Rudy and Donnie on patrol?

giuliani shut out2711081060_ba91f69796_b
Rudy, seen here “inspecting the age of computer, or something, the liberal press would never understand.”

Yep, we’re all fucked.

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