Worked It Out

mccain trumped by hip is everything
John ‘Imma fuckin’ war hero ya’ know’ McCain seen here after meeting with Donnie Bad Touch

Draft dodging coward attacks McCain & questions senator’s military service.
This after same coward forced bad Yemen raid that killed US soldier to burnish his own credentials.

In an attempt to find some peace between the two, after months and months of the Apricot Asshole calling into question McCain’s service to the country and calling him weak, John McCain emerged from the meeting claiming the two have “a new understanding”, and that he is now completely in line with Petulant Trump and his way of running things.
McCain vowed to continue to call out Trump on anything he does that offends McCain so that he may appear to be “one with the people”, and then he will vote for anything that Donnie wants him to. As the “hey kids, get off my lawn!” man departed he was heard to mutter, “the smell of Tic Tacs and Brut after shave was overwhelming, and I can’t get this fucking taste outta my mouth.”


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