There’s Something Happening Here

With all the tweets, and all the lies, and Ivanka’s clothing lines, and Nordstrom, and Kellyanne Conway, and Sean Spicer’s inept and heavy handed handling of the press, etc. filling up the airwaves, it’s really easy to get lost in all that’s being tweeted or said right now, and therefore easy to miss what the Trump Administration/inner circle is  actually doing.
So, with the sudden nation wide ramping up of Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests in the last week, maybe it’s time to look at Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, particularly Sec. 5.


Is Trump planning on detaining that many more people than President Obama did that new facilities need to be rushed into existence? (remember, Obama set records for the most people rounded up and deported during his tenure.)
Is Trump building on his own version of ‘the gulag archipelago’?
Is he just ‘lashing out’ and going after Hispanics because his ‘Muslim Ban’ was struck down?
Is it a vengeful assault on California for standing against Trump’s attacks on sanctuary cities?
Is it just to distract from the incredibly serious ’Russia Problems’ he , Michael Flynn and the rest of his corrupt inner circle are facing at the moment?
And more importantly, is that the America anyone other than MAGA hat wearing bigots and haters want to live in?


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