The Daily Roundup

paul ryan

Speaker Paul Ryan, seen here announcing his party’s probe into Russia’s puppet, the idiot Trump.



Ryan was joined by the entire GOP Intel Committee for today’s historic announcement.



Sean Spicer (or maybe that’s Reince Priebus, it’s hard to tell here) took to the podium to threaten the press again and profess his undying support and adoration of “the Glorious Leader” Don Dim Wit.


The Apricot Asshole’s Director of Lies and Fear-mongering, Skelle-anne Con Way, made the rounds of the daily news shows to distract from the Trump Regime’s woes ’o the day, and spread large amounts of excrement everywhere she trod.



Senior advisor to the president Steve Bannon meanwhile conducted a strategy session with his top policy advisors before issuing the President’s newest orders for the day.



Petulant Trump ended his day the way he started it with what has become known around the White House as “tears of a clown.”


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