After Careful Consideration …

the guy just ain’t up to the task …


Mark my words kids … Bad Touch Donnie will not make it out of 2017 still in office, and any Republican who stands by him will not make it out of 2018.
And when the apricot asshole goes down, remember that Paul the Coward of the County Ryan and Snitch the Trumputin Bitch McConnell knew but stayed silent. They put America at risk to chase tax cuts for millionaires, and for their own personal gains.


One thought on “After Careful Consideration …

  1. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that most Republicans that supported Trump will still be in the office after 2018.
    Even more unfortunately, the only way Trump will not be president by the end of the year is if he dies – if you’re counting on impeachment, it would require at least 20 Republican senators voting to impeach Trump.

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