Alex and Donnie’s Abhorrent Adventure

bat shit crazy header by hip is everything

On Sunday, far-right radio host and Trump sycophant Alex Jones praised Donnie Bad Touch for his “idiot savant regular people skills” and “incredible mega-level charisma,” which is, Jones argues, “why every evil force out there hates Trump, because he’s good.”
Jones claimed that Trump is facing attacks from witches and devil-worshippers because of his closeness with God and his abhorrence of corruption.
The InfoWars network host then made the bat shit crazy and easily debunked assertion that Hillary Clinton hasn’t uttered the words “God bless America” in “decades,” claiming that Clinton only said it in a video message to the Democratic National Committee last week “because she must now be the counterfeit Christ.”
Of course this is brought to you by the same stone cold crazy asshole who’s peddling President Trump is Battling Satan and Man In Hiding After Confessing To Illegal Fundraising For The Clintons: “Fears Untimely Death”. And, who could forget Hillary Clinton is a Witch who is Responsible For the Dallas Police Shootings or Hillary Caught On Tape Birthing Alien Life Form

“Fuck me Mabel, that kid just ain’t right in the head”


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