D-Bag Alert: Latest Scaramucci Sighting

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Trump Insider Implies That Democrats Are Behind Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats

Anthony Scaramucci lies and suggests Democrats stirred up violence at Trump rallies too.

Anthony Scaramucci, the financier President Donald Trump once intended to appoint as an adviser, insinuated in a tweet on Tuesday that Democrats are behind the threats against Jewish community centers and day schools across the country.
To elucidate his point, Scaramucci linked to a Breitbart News article about “bird-dogging,” a tactic Democrats allegedly used to provoke violence from Trump supporters at Trump’s campaign rallies:



These comments came only a few days after Trump silenced a Jewish reporter during a White House news conference for asking about the uptick in anti-Semitic occurrences. Trump decided to interpret the question as a personal attack.

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