It’s All The Black Guy’s Fault … As Usual …

BREAKING: Delusional, Impotent, Tiny-handed Little Man Spews Nonsense and Bullshit … as usual …
The Velveeta Raccoon pulled out the old ‘white people are SOOO oppressed and persecuted’ card and tells Faux Noise (‘We Just Make Shit Up’), in one of their patented ’Follow The Bouncing Lies’ interviews, that ‘it’s all the black guy’s fault, everything is!’ …
Oh noooees!  po’ Donnie Bad Touch!, what ever will you do?
Everyone hates you, AND you’re incompetent and impotent …
#orangefucker #compulsiveliar #grifterinchief #patheticlittleman

Trump Blames Obama For His Political Protester Problem

“I think he is behind it. I also think it’s politics.”

President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with “Fox & Friends” and said that former President Barack Obama and “his people” are behind recent town hall protests.
In recent weeks, activists have planned protests at Republican lawmakers’ events around the country. Protesters have shown up at Democratic lawmakers’ events, too. Last week, demonstrators rallied outside an event featuring Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) after the senator did not hold a town hall meeting when Congress was in recess.
“I think President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it,” Trump said in a preview of the interview. But, he said, “that’s politics, and it will probably continue.”
The president added that he also thought it was possible Obama and “that group” were behind “some of the leaks” coming out of the White House.
Trump’s interview will air in full at 6 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

Rebecca Shapiro Senior Editor, The Huffington Post


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