The Speech

So, Trump doesn’t ‘drop trou’ and poop himself on stage or vomit on the Supreme Court Justices in the front row last night during his latest brag-fest-lieapalooza-campaign-stop and the media gets a giant raging hard-on for ‘how presidential’ he has suddenly become. Everyone is all excited about the ‘pivot’ and “here we go ‘Murica, the prez is gonna pull a 180 here and all is saved and amazing again in ‘Murica’ … what a load of shit.
The apricot asshole speaks a little ‘softer’ than his usual screaming, bloviating, self-aggrandizing blather and the media falls all over themselves getting in line to kiss the ring. I even heard him compared to Kennedy and Lincoln last night. Give me a giant fucking break!
And the part where he sent a soldier off to die in a half-baked raid, spent yesterday morning bailing on any responsibility for the soldier’s death and the botched raid, blamed the soldier’s death on the generals, his fellow soldiers AND President Obama, and then used his grieving widow as a speech prop may have been his most sickening public display ever, and that’s saying something.
He follows this clusterfuck piece of failed performance art with a good half hour of lies and distortions about crime and people of color, threats and fear mongering about the complete lawlessness that in his eyes is “sweeping America”, then wraps up the whole tire-fire with some more exaggerated and lie filled bragging.
To sum up the Velveeta Raccoon’s day for y’all then, brag, brag, whine, whine, whine, lash out, brag, lie, lie, brag, lie, Trump says military to blame for SEAL’s death, Obama is organizing protests, Jews might be behind anti-Semitic threats/attacks, some more bragging, attacks on people of color, and wrapping up with a string of misinformation, a shit-ton of whining and a couple of outright racist ‘fake stats’. All in all, the usual from this one. Tomorrow’s forecast, cloudy, with some bullshit raining down somewhere around noon, and finishing up with ‘more o’ the same’.
Maybe the ‘New Trump’ will agree to an investigation into the #TrumpRussia connection? Or, release his taxes? Or, stop lying?Or, knock it off with the bigotry, racism, homophobia or rage tweeting?


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