The Kid’s Just Not Right In The Head

Okay then … another weekend, another shit storm from the Prima Donnie …
And, I get it, the Idiot in Chief is desperately trying to deflect away from the whole “Russia” thing, and with how that’s all unravelling, most people would be trying to change the subject, but, wow, THIS is what he rolls out to do the job?  Seriously??
It’s starting to seem that the man is in a constant state of confusion, delusion and paranoia … just what America needs, a petty, thin-skinned, demented old fool with the impulse control of a 5 year old who’s had WAY too much sugar and no sleep in charge of the world’s most powerful army and weapons. Frightening.
First, we had the “I know you are, but what am I” tweets from the Velveeta Raccoon in regards to all the investigations swirling around him and his gang o’ robbers …



Now we all wake up this morning to even more paranoia and delusion with the apricot asshole’s latest twitter rage …


He ‘tapped your wires’? … pardon me pal, but are you thinking something along the lines of a telegraph or something? … It’s 20-17 bud, not 19-17
And is it just me or does this seem like something you might be paying some ‘professional’ Russian women a shitload of rubles for?


Actually big fella, it would be perfectly legal since yer’ asking, but it would be the FBI that would be serving yer’ big old orange ass and NOT President Obama. But hey, why let ‘fake’ stuff like facts get in the way of a good lie huh?


<facepalm> For the last time you old fool, President Obama is NOT tapping your phones.
For fuck’s sake, get a grip on reality for a minute and pay attention.
President Obama is very high level  Muslim sorcerer bringing his powerful devil magic to bear, and the Kenyan with the time machine who travels back in time doing shit to fuck you up so yer’ rally lies hold together, and Director James Comey is the one who was tapping your phones. Jesus. Pay attention man.


You know what “low” is Dolt 45? It’s yer’ aging ass sitting around soon enough in prison where you’ll have tons of time to read some books and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get some kinda handle on the history of which you bloviate. And hey, if nothing else, you’ll look great in prison orange. It’ll go nice with that skin tone you been sporting lately.

As Nicholas Kristof from the New York Times so brilliantly put it:

President Trump has just posted a series of extraordinary tweets accusing President Obama of illegally wiretapping his phones and spying on him. The tweets seem to originate from an article he read on Breitbart.
A few thoughts: 1.) The president seems to be admitting that he was the personal target of a government investigation into whether he was colluding with a hostile power;
2.) There’s no illegality by the Obama administration, since any wiretaps were approved by FISA courts, or conversations were picked up by SIGINT collection.
3.)The President has access to information collected by professionals at 17 intelligence agencies, and instead he turns to nuts at Breitbart?
4.) He seems worryingly unstable.
5.) More than ever, we need an independent 9/11-style commission to investigate the ties between the Trump team and the Kremlin, for we can’t have this cloud having over us for years; 6.) Defense Secretary Mattis, if you’re reading this, please send SEAL Team Six into the White House to seize any device that our President can use for tweeting.

And, of course, it’s the weekend so Bad Touch Donnie is hiding at Mar-a-Lago instead of doing his fucking job.

7 meanwhile

But hey, there’s still always time to fire off some ‘pass the blame’ tweets on the really important issues of the day …


wow …
seriously? … the man is fucking nuts …
It’s becoming increasingly apparent that he shouldn’t be trusted with the ‘key on a rope’ bathroom key at a highway truck stop, never mind the nuclear codes.

P.S. Ivanka: GET YOUR DAD HELP!  NOW! …the man is delusional and he needs professional help. He probably even qualifies for Obamacare. This is exactly what it does.
Plus, the GOP already tried the whole “it’s just a little Alzheimer’s, nothing to worry about” shtick with Ronnie Ray Gun and that didn’t turn out well for anybody.

P.P.S. Ivanka: if you’re going to continue to let this demented old fool tweet, then could you at least turn on his fucking spell check? The whole ‘spellin’ like a first grader’ thing is embarrassing.
And if you’re NOT going to step in then could you at least set it up so that when he’s finally jailed, and there is no longer any doubt in my mind that that is where this eventually leads, let him continue to amuse us with his tweets from there as well.



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