The View From Trumpland

bat shit crazy header by hip is everything

Here’s a couple of the early headlines from this week – and it’s only fucking Monday kids!
I knew there was a reason to hate Mondays …

Trump Back At Work Today In Newly Redecorated Oval Office

Trump’s playbook: Go on offense with a new conspiracy theory

A Conspiracy Theory’s Journey From Talk Radio to Trump’s Twitter

FBI Director Comey Asked Justice Department to Reject Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Chaffetz: I’ve seen no evidence Obama ordered wiretap of Trump

Trump is incredibly pissed off no one believes his Obama wiretaps story, says adviser

The Trump Experiment may come to an early tipping point

‘We are in crisis’: Morning Joe warns president’s Twitter meltdown has ‘shaken this government

In any other person, these persistent delusions would have resulted in an “I-love-me” jacket, and relocation to a nice, quiet, padded room. Time will tell I guess … we can all hope …

And, just because we care about everyone, here’s a little something for the MAGA kids, InfoWars Ranters, O’Rielly’s Bloviators and the Rush Limpballs Dittohead Patrol …
’Yer welcome …


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