They Said No!

a piece by Nance Greggs

I’ve been reading a lot of posts, here and elsewhere, about how the Democrats lost the last election due to their failure to reach out to the working class, our lack of empathy for those whose jobs have disappeared because of out-sourcing to cheaper labour markets, our inability to connect with citizens who are facing untold hardships.
We Democrats have a message that not only recognized the concerns of the many, but addressed those concerns by continuing our unwavering support of the programs and initiatives that directly assist them.
WE stood up for healthcare for all – the Trump/Republican supporters said NO, let those who can’t afford out-of-control healthcare insurance premiums die.
WE stood up for raising the minimum wage – THEY said NO, let the underpaid fend for themselves.
WE stood up for voting practices that gave equal voice to ALL citizens – THEY said NO, let gerrymandering and obstacles to casting a ballot rule our elections.
WE stood up for the rights of women to exercise dominion over their own bodies – THEY said NO, let the government decide what rights women should have over their own lives.
WE stood up for protecting our environment – THEY said NO, let corporations profit by defiling our drinking water, unfettered by “regulations” that impact their bottom line. And if our children wind up with brain injuries as a result thereof, their incessant whining should be relegated to the “we don’t give a shit” files.
WE stood up for the rights of the GBLTers among us. THEY said NO, we only recognize the rights of heterosexuals – particularly the rights of white, pseudo-Christian “straights”.
WE stood up for the teaching of proven science in our classrooms – THEY said NO, we prefer the Bible being the only source of “science” our children are exposed to.
WE stood up for inclusion and tolerance – THEY said NO, let’s exclude anyone who is perceived as “different” from the political conversation, as well as from the country.
WE stood up for social safety nets that feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and offer a hand-up to those who are down-and-out – THEY said NO, let the hungry starve, let the homeless die on the streets, let those who are down-and-out stop whining about their situation, which they apparently brought upon themselves.
WE Democrats made our positions crystal clear. THEY rejected those positions. THEY voted FOR everything that demonizes the least among us, and upholds the agenda of those determined to undermine not only the principles our nation was founded upon, but our democracy itself, and the rule of law that has governed us and sustained us since its inception.
If the Democratic party is somehow guilty of not sending a message that appeals to voters who said “NO!” to everything ALL Americans once stood for, so be it. I would rather go down fighting with those who stand up for what is right than kow-tow to those who are willing to say NO! to the principles ALL Americans once held as sacrosanct.
It is not the faulty message of our Party that is to be blamed here – it is the fact that our message has been vilified by those whose message appealed to the worst among us, and succeeded in convincing the haters that their hatred, their bigotry, their downright stupidity is worthy of being rewarded.
And yes, I question the bona fides of “Democrats” who are more determined to affix blame to the Party’s “faulty message” than to the party that said NO to everything that is right, just and fair.


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