Beware The Unicorn

Okay my friends, here’s the “Big” story for this evening, and, quite probably a good solid chunk of tomorrow as well.

Parts Of Donald Trump’s 2005 Tax Returns Made Public
Parts of Donald Trump’s 2005 federal tax returns were made public on Tuesday night, revealing that the president made $150 million that year and paid $38 million in taxes.
An anonymous source released the first two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax returns to Trump biographer and investigative journalist David Cay Johnston. Johnston joined MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on her show late on Tuesday to discuss the returns.
Their release comes after months of calls for the president to make his tax returns public.

And here’s how the White House responded,


While I, like most sentient beings would like nothing more than to believe that this was the beginning of the downfall of the Idiot President, a couple of things seem odd here.

1. The response from the White House team came at pretty much exactly the same moment (if not a little before) it was ‘broken’ on MSNBC and seems to know all the numbers that Rachel Maddow was breaking.

2. The copy of the tax form was stamped ‘Client Copy’ so it wasn’t originally a hacked electronic file that was leaked, and it wasn’t leaked from inside the government. It had to have been leaked by someone who had access to Trump’s copy. I find it almost impossible to believe that even an imbecile like Trump leaves ‘those’ particular docs just lying around for viewing by anyone other than himself and his trusted band o’ grifters.

3. The man is in deep this week with tomorrow’s opening of the Russia investigations, FBI head honcho James Comey’s expected testimony tomorrow on the hill re: Russia and the Trump gang ties AND the wiretapping allegations Trump has made against former President Barack Obama, not to mention the failing and flailing repeal and revenge of Obamacare (that’s the Affordable Care Act for all you MAGA kids who don’t seem to get it) and the intro of the Trump Hell Care Plan. It would be exactly in character for Trump to roll out some bullshit and lies to distract from all of that. “Look over there, it’s a fucking unicorn! AND, OMG Free Candy!!!” All timed perfectly for him to fly out of town tomorrow and hide on his plane. Plus with the Velveeta Raccoon on the road there will be no White House presser tomorrow … how convenient. On the definite upside, No Sean Sphincter.

4. Notice the numbers on the tax return. They make it look like Trump has lots of money which seems to be a really important thing for the orange one. He has spent the last several decades trying to convince anyone who will listen that this is true. Probably way more than he does have, which fits his usual small dicked, narcissistic, insecurity driven self to a T.

5. The response (on Twitter-LOL-typical Trump gang shit) mentions that he is going to be busy working on tax reform, no mention of the new GOP/Trump/Ryan Unaffordable Health Care Axe which is presently blowing a load right in his chops. C’mon people, don’t think about Russia, or pussy grabbing, or treason, or the FBI, or bankruptcies and perpetual failure, think about taxes. Taxes, taxes, taxes people.

Plus, as an added bonus for the naked Emperor, his sycophants get to take some shots at the “dishonest media.”
Also interesting was that the ‘response’ from Trumplandia came out without the first sentence, and was shortly after amended to include the “You know you are desperate for ratings …” shit. This part sounds exactly like the apricot asshole himself talking. Whiny, childish, and ‘tantrum-like’. Plus you know Bad Touch Donnie and his fetish for ‘ratings’

Beware the misdirect peeps, the grift is strong with this one … and so is his desperation. The world is starting to close in on these treasonous fuckers, and they know it.
My money is on the fact that this was probably an organized leak from the Trumputin/Bannon cabal o’ grifters, and not some hacker or investigator. I hope I’m wrong and this prick and all his friends rot in cells in a federal prison, but, we’ll see.


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