New Executive Order

It's that fucking Velveeta Raccoon again ... arrgghh!!!

Bad Touch Donnie, Petulant of the United States, seen here signing a new Executive Order today to ‘get some new fucking drapes and wallpaper’ at Mar-a-Lago. Like seriously people, check out that “wall” behind him, and you’re gonna trust this grifter/paranoid delusional/old fuck to build THE wall, the “amazing wall with a big beautiful door” in it??? Seriously???  If this senile old prick had any thing to do with the decorations at his “southern White house”, that one the “Mexicans are gunna pay for” should be a real thing of beauty.
I don’t get it, it’s like yer’ drunk, angry, pervy, sociopathic, demented, old, prevaricating prick of a grandpa, who has repeatedly bankrupted every single family member, wants to run the family company, and the fam just goes “Oh, okay. What could possibly go wrong?”

Welcome to Trumplanidia, a Putirump Company


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