Big Failing Deal

Paul Ryan, Louse Speaker, seen here entering the White House to tell Trump that they won’t be able to kill healthcare for tens of millions of Americans today.

President Donald Trump promised over and over again on the campaign trail that he would repeal and replace Obamacare, repeatedly denigrating the health care measure with his usual lies and bullshit while failing to put forward his own plan. He promised that whatever it was, Trumpcare would be “cheaper, better and cover everyone.” The Congressional Budget Office however, found that the GOP/Trumpster-fire plan would cause at least 24 million Americans to lose insurance by cutting tax credits that make insurance less expensive. It also showed that the Trumpcare proposal would add enormous amounts to the country’s deficit over the next decade.
As the president and Speaker Ryan peddled their widely unpopular and amateur-hour bill forward, however, it became clear that many members of the Freedom Caucus would not vote for the measure. To try to entice Freedom Caucus members, the president negotiated directly with them to cut out requirements that insurance plans cover essential benefits, including among other cuts, care for things like maternity, mental illness, pediatrics, addiction, hospitalization, emergency room visits and prescription drugs.
Apparently that wasn’t a cruel enough blow to the public for the Freedumb Cocks, so, as far as they’re concerned, bye bye bill!
At least now it’s looking like the Velveeta Raccoon can just say fuck you to Paul Lyin’, blame everything on Ryan, Obama, the Dems and anyone else he can think of, and then just move on to giving ginormous, bigly, beautiful tax breaks to all his billionaire buddies, and destroying the government/country … you know, his original plan.
And just in time for the apricot asshole to grab a flight to Florida for his regularly scheduled weekend golf break. Phew! Thought he might have to actually work on a weekend. Can’t have that.


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