Of Course …

Republicans lost big on healthcare — but forgot to cancel TV ads celebrating Obamacare repeal
Gotta love it though, like 1 huge, late slap … couldn’t happen to a nicer buncha guys …

Republican leaders had seven long years to come up with a viable alternative to Obamacare, but instead, they offered a shit sandwich, one which the alleged president strongly endorsed. So, Trump suffered a stunning political defeat after he could not manage to garner support from his own party, and with ‘repeal and replace Obamacare’ being a major 2016 election campaign promise, Trump and his allies were humiliated on Friday.

Then something happened to humiliate them further.

Pre-bought ads produced by the conservative American Action Network PAC aired which praised Republicans for repealing Obamacare were displayed on local TV stations during Friday night games in what can be described as the worse case of premature adjaculation ever. They bought the ads in advance, meaning, they were so sure Obamacare would be replaced. Foiled AGAIN!

The repeal never happened, though.

“Republicans are keeping their promise with a new plan for better health care,” a voice-over says in the ad, which displays pictures of smiling doctors and patients as upbeat rock music booms in the background, the Daily News reports.

The ads urged constituents to thank their Republican congressmen and women for “keeping” their promises and “replacing the Affordable Care Act with the better health care you deserve.”

Watch one of the ads (comments were disabled under the video):

from: Raw Story

just d-bags being d-bags … lol


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