WINNING! … Oops …

Petulant of the United States, Bad Touch Donnie, seen here heading off to his Virginia Golf Club hideout for some golfing and crying after his epic fail at health care ‘Repeal and Revenge’

Petulant of the United States, Donnie Bad Touch, the Velveeta Raccoon took to Twitter this morning to point out to the American public that he is still that same petulant, pouting, unaware and uncaring prick that he’s always been, even after a fail of absolutely epic proportions with his Trumpcare revenge/healthcare plan – and on a world-wide stage to boot – way to go big fella!
He let the people know that unless you voted for him and have pledged your undying and unwavering support, then, well, “fuck you, get sick and die for all I care!” and also reminded everyone that political and personal gain is ALL that EVER matters to him.
Then he went straight back to what has always worked for him when talking about pretty much any subject before, and lied like a fucking sidewalk. Plus way to go asshole!, now everyone knows what a failed ‘negotiator’ and ‘closer’ you really are.
Let’s see how that first few weeks has gone for  the guy who promised so much WINNING! he made Charlie Sheen look like a “Winning!” wannabe’:
Muslim Ban 1.0 – FAILED
The Wall and Mexico paying for it – FAIL, granny and you are gonna pay for that lie.
Shoring up the country’s standing with its allies – FAIL (see: Australia, France, Canada, Germany, England, Sweden, China, Taiwan, Ireland, Scotland, ALL of NATO, etc.)
And the shit with North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen –yup, FAIL
The ‘Yemen Raid’ – FAIL
Obamacare “Repeal and Revenge” – FAIL
Making sure that as President the buck truly does stop at his desk and he accepts responsibility, for anything, anything at all, just one fucking time – FAIL, the buck doesn’t even slow down anywhere near his neighborhood, never mind stop at his desk.
Then there’s the constant warring with the media, the intelligence community, the Military, the almost homo-erotic Obama obsession, the Hillary and Bill obsession, his bigotry, homophobia, and racism, his complete and utter ignorance of how government works (like seriously, this kid is at about a grade 3 civics class level – maybe Betsy Devos can get him into a nice home-skoolin’ situation, with an extra emphasis on the Jeebus), and his lack of empathy for ANYONE but himself, in ANY and ALL situations.
FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! and i haven’t even touched on all the FBI/CIA/NSA/Russia/Trump treasonous shit yet.  <sigh> …
I guess this whole ‘elect a reality TV wannabe who has no experience at anything but bankruptcies, failed relationships and scamming others’ wasn’t maybe the best idea.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but all this “winning” is wearing me the fuck out.

And ya’ gotta figure that the White House itself must be a clusterfuck tire-fire at the moment, what with all that “winning” they’ve all been doing. I’m betting $20 against a hole in a donut that the walls there are seeming to close in on the crew in that building. After all, the news is not looking good for any of the current critters and assorted sycophants who have taken over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And things are not likely to improve in the foreseeable future, either for ANY of the GOPsies, Trumps and thieves we’ve come to know as ‘The Trump Administration’. Staffers and transition team workers are probably suddenly spending an inordinate amount of time searching Google for things like:
“factory reset iPhone”
“data wiping app”
“how to permanently delete Tweets”
”removing Dorito dust, KFC grease and spray tan from furniture”
”how do light switches work”
”international flight info”
”how to make fake I.D.’s”
”USD to Russian Rubles conversion rates”
”legal definition of treason”
”golden shower rates in Moscow”
”how do you say “I’m gonna grab yer’ pussy” in Russian?”
Stuff like that.
The tension is almost certainly rising faster than tempers at a liquored up Palin family reunion right now.
(like there’s a sober version of that shit show. WTF was I thinking? lol, sorry)

NEXT UP: ‘The Great Tax Reform Act Fail of 2017”, followed by the “Immigration Reform Disaster Bill of 2018” and “The Impeachment Diaries”
Can’t wait!


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