And Then …

You just know how all this shit ends, don’t ya’?
A high speed car chase & an armed standoff in an abandoned Motel 6, where the Velveeta Raccoon is arrested after being found naked and screaming “I have NO idea where the naked underage boys came from! … or the Russian hookers …  And, that’s not my pee!”
And you just know that Rudy ‘911, 911!, 911!!’  Giuliani will be there passing out business cards, while Newt Bling Rich hurriedly sets up a table to sell his latest video “The Poutrage”
And then the Klondike Kardashian, Sarah Failin will tweet some asinine word salad shit, and absolutely no-one will care. Not even Huffington Post will cover it.

And then …
Mike Pence will be president.
(FUCK! I hate it when you think you’re watching the ‘happily ever after’ ending, then they hit ya’ with the old “Life Sucks – Really Hard” ending)


Trump-tears-impotent-rage by hip is everyrthing


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