Pssst … It’s Not Working, Donnie

Another spot on op piece by Nance Greggs
I couldn’t agree more with the following …

Pssst … It’s Not Working, Donnie

I hate to tell you (okay, actually I am delighted to tell you) that the mindless schtick you brought to the role of the presidency is no longer working. No one is entertained, no one is amused and above all, no one is the least bit interested in your bullshit anymore.
Face it, Donnie, you’re a loser – bigly. And you have demonstrated yourself to be a loser not only in front of the country, but in front of the entire world. The loud-mouthed, I can fix everything pussy-grabber who was inaugurated has turned out to be a do-nothing idiot who has failed at everything. Your healthcare bill failed, your Muslim travel ban failed, and thus far, the only thing you’ve accomplished is to ruin your credibility to the point where no one believes a god-damned word that comes out of your pie-hole – and to be perfectly blunt, you can’t even convince your own wife to live in the same place you live. As you would say, “Loser – sad!”
You once said, ”I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Well, the truth is that if you shot someone nowadays, the first thing people would want to know is what ties you had to your victim, and how Russia is involved. And no matter how much you huff-and-puff, Russia is the story that isn’t going away.
Gone are the heady days when you spent your time tweeting about Nordstrom’s and vowing revenge against food critics publishing scathing reviews of your hotel restaurants. In an incredible display of complete idiocy, you decided to tweet allegations that Obama had illegally “tapped your wires” (sic) in an attempt to distract attention from the growing avalanche of evidence that you and/or your cohorts colluded with Russia in order to interfere with our nation’s election process.
Did you notice that even your own party members refused to back you up? Did you notice that even they accepted, without question or hesitation, the determination of the FBI and the DOJ that you were completely full of shit?
Like I said, Donnie – it’s no longer working. The shiny objects you keep dangling in the air are no longer distracting the nation’s attention away from your failures, your incompetence, your persistently unhinged tweets, and the growing evidence of your probable treasonous behaviour.
If you’ve looked at your approval ratings of late, you know that even your base – the low-info voters who were too stupid to see through your act in the first place – is starting to erode. Yes, even the dumbest of the dumb eventually smarten up. It’s just a matter of time before they start asking when those jobs you promised them are going to miraculously appear, before they start wondering why you haven’t been able to deliver anything you assured them were your first priorities to enact, before they start realizing that you actually are the con-artist who bilked workers out of their hard-earned money, the fraudster who ran a phoney “university”, the self-proclaimed champion of those whose jobs have been outsourced who continues to outsource your own brand-name merchandise to offshore manufacturers.
The jig is up, Donnie. The crying wolf tack of yelling “fake news”, the mindless tweets, the appointment of totally incompetent people to Cabinet posts and advisory positions, the pitiful “rallies” meant to boost your insatiable ego, the continual lies about Obama “tapping your wires”, the Nunes debacle – they’re no longer working. On the contrary, the magnitude of your own stupidity is on display 24/7, and as far as the Russian ties story is concerned, you are apparently too stupid to realize that throwing gasoline on the fire is not the way to douse the conflagration.
You’re a loser, Donnie. A lot of us (most of us, if you look at the popular vote count) knew you were a loser from day one. And now, thanks to your own ineptitude, the world knows it.
As for your reliance on FOX-News reports that Obama was indeed spying on you, I wouldn’t get too comfortable with their current opinion. The truth is that you are a liability to the Republican party, and Fox & Friends will throw you under the bus the minute they get the signal from the GOP to do so. Your own party is not about to risk losing everything in the 2018 midterms in order to stand behind a man who is seen as Putin’s bitch.
Them’s the facts, Mr. Expendable. The lifeboats are already loading, and there’s no place in any of them for losers. You might want to start thinking about alternative travel arrangements before your last tweet consists of “glug, glug, glug” as you sink into the depths of the sea, while your fellow Republicans throw water on your sorry ass and deny they ever supported you in the first place.


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