Fuck You Mr. Petulant

So, Bad Touch Donnie went off last night doing his best “Hey everybody, look at me, it’s big dick swingin’ time kids!” routine. But I guess it makes sense to bomb an empty air base after everyone there had evacuated. Especially when your approval rating with the American public is dipping into the low 30% range, you can’t go outside because of all the booing and jeering, the media is finally onto your lies and obfuscation and there are several criminal investigations coming at you.
You can watch a little Faux News, read a little Hatebart.com crap, and then pretend you suddenly have empathy for the very “beautiful babies and children” you are desperately trying to ban from seeking asylum America. That way you can ‘send in the guns’ and look all tough and shit. All the while displaying an ignorance of the situation on the ground and grabbing a couple of ‘awesome and bigly’ photo-ops with what had to be the most awkward, stilted presser ever.
As for what really happened here, it seems pretty obvious. The Russia/Treason stuff is piling up fast and furious, the legislative agenda is pretty much a tire fire clusterfuck, the minions and suck-o-phants are dropping like flies and the Velveeta Raccoon needs a bigly distraction. Plus the asshat that is now Secretary of State and the wannabe Prez both said last week that “The Syrian people would decide their own future with regards to Assad, and like he would ya’ know, Assad took that to mean “go ahead, do as ya’ will buddy”. And, he did. Now suddenly after remaining silent for 9 previous chemical/gas attacks SINCE BLOTUS was sworn in, THIS was the time to go bombing for ratings.
As far as those “beautiful babies” Donnie maybe if they had been allowed to flee the mess that is Syria and go somewhere safe, like say, America, they would still be alive today. Oh no, wait, the BAN, how could I forget? Can’t have those ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ coming over here. And for the GOP and Trump to be blaming Obama on this one, when the GOP refused to allow him to strike Syria in 2013 and 2014, along with the dozen or so Tweets from the apricot asshole demanding that Obama stay out of Syria is beyond the pale. The stench of the GOP/Trump hypocrisy is thick and sickening on this one. As it usually is.
This attack did NOTHING to make anything any better. Anywhere. It was nothing but another failed attempt by the Liar in Chief to distract from all the treason and ineptitude that is the Trump presidency.
Fuck you Mr. Petulant, fuck you!

More here … Donald Trump’s Syria Airstrike Prompts Calls Of Hypocrisy As Refugee Ban Remains In Place


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