Heir Force One

The Trumpster-fire P.R. team made sure to get this shot out there so the peeps in the red hats can feel all warm and fuzzy and believe that La Grande Orange is all tough and army like …<cough>


and then Twitter showed up and re-captioned it …

You’re In Armani Now
U.S. Heir Force
Private Lee Owned
Banana Republicans
Operation Desert Nordstrom
Full Metal Blazer
Operation Dessert Spoon
Saving Private Ryan Care
Charge of the Light Weight Brigade
Band of Brooks Brothers
Saving Private Equity
Muslim Ray-Ban
Full Mental Racket
The Fog of Dior
Major Dick
A Few Good Emolumen
White Cuck Down
From Here to Fraternity
Seal Team Six Sigma
Less Than Less Than Zero
Commander in Pleats
J. Crews Missiles
Blazer Saddles
Kushner’s Last Stand
Apocketsquare Now
Bjorn on the 4th of July
The Jeer Hunter
The Charge of the White Brigade
Oliver Northface
Jared Head
Spas And Stripes
Flaks Fifth Avenue
Semper Finance
Good Morning, Boca Raton
Nothing Special Forces
Delta Farce
Fedora! Fedora! Fedora!
The Day of the Jackass   


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