Great Friend Of Mine

The president concluded his remarks with “Chef Boyardee, another good friend of mine. Great, great chef. Mama Celeste. Incredible pizzas. Father Guido Sarducci … such a good friend, such a good friend. And the Mario Brothers, amazing family plumbing business, small business winners for sure. Bigly successful!  And Donatello. Raphael. Michelangelo. Leonardo. Culinary revolutionaries. Would not have known about pizza if it wasn’t for them. I know all the best people, don’t I? I love Italians. I Love ’em so much. Did I mention that I won the election. Even the Italians said I couldn’t win, but I did. Bigly. And the Italians, who I love, I really love those guys … even they voted for Trump. Well, I gotta run, Frederick Douglas and I are headed over to Donatello’s Pizzeria for a slice.”

Also worth the read: The 10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease


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