The Shady Bunch – The 100 Days Episode

the shady bunch by hip is everything

The Shady Bunch.
The Shady Bunch is an American horror/farce created by renowned autocrat and sociopath Vladimir Putin that aired from November 8th, 2016, to T.B.A. on Fox. The series revolves around a large group of grifters who move from living in a gilded tower of hate in New York City to Washington D.C. when the ‘father’, with the assistance of a foreign power steals the 2016 American presidential election and sets out to rob the country of every last fucking dime it has while simultaneously destroying everything in his path.
Airing constantly ad nauseum on CNN and Fox Noise the story follows the misadventures and hijinks of a large family of thieves and liars united by an insatiable desire for money, power and attention.


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