One Soldier’s Response To The GOP

Found on FB, encouraged to share.

One soldiers response to the Republican Party.
Even as a U.S. military veteran who served my country honorably, and as much as I could use the money, you could NOT pay me any amount of money to vote for ANY Republican.
Republicans have proven they are nothing but white-collared thieves, akin to wolves in sheep’s clothing, who will always put Party before country (despite collusion with a foreign enemy), send somebody else’s kids to manufactured war, destroy the environment solely for profit, kill healthcare for millions, destroy public education, deny Climate Change/Global Warming, manipulate the voting system in their favor, give billions in tax breaks to the wealthiest, keep women subservient, treat LGBTQ+ citizens as “abominations” and immigrants as “terrorists,” steal Supreme Court appointments, who will ignore their obvious racist, misogynistic, and white supremacist ways – and after all is said and done, continue to blame the Democrats for THEIR vast hypocrisy, and outright failings as “leaders” and privileged human beings.
These people are NOT patriots, nor authentic Jesus-type Christians, for true patriotism and Christianity look, and act, much differently. They do not care about the vast majority of American lives. Their policies, and actions, absolutely demonstrate this. Dropping missiles and bombs on other countries, and killing innocent civilians, will make America LESS safe as a result. It will only further embolden an enemy who cares nothing about his own life, yet so much more about ‘teaching America a lesson.’ Further, many Republicans have absolutely no problem with the likely probability that there are Russian assets, and Koch Brother allies, infiltrating the United States government, so long as they can continue to blame Obama, Hillary, and the “Snowflake Libtards.”
Yet, I know of NO Democrat who has actively tried to destroy our government, its positive and needed programs affecting millions, or otherwise makes every attempt to severely limit the effectiveness of government agencies, or boldly obstruct the will of the majority of voters as the Republican Party has done during President Obama’s tenure, and continues to do in many ways today. Democrats, while hardly perfect, have shown a propensity to help Americans in innumerable ways, and not hurt them. Those who say the Democrats are “equal to, or worse” than the Republicans are not paying attention to history, for many who say this have likely directly benefitted from Democratically-installed policies since the time of FDR (that’s our 32nd POTUS for those who don’t know).
Another thing: Republicans are hell-bent to punish many Americans for their actions in the bedroom and the bathroom (think same sex and transgender). They want to inflict their version of “Christian” Sharia Law upon the populace through SCOTUS appointments which benefit their way of thinking; by “religious liberty” laws which allow for outright discrimination of people they hate (as Jesus apparently did); and via policies which outright shame children for accepting free or reduced lunches at school, or a single mom who needs government help to survive tough times. These people often claim that Liberals “don’t work” real jobs, but regularly suck from the teat of government, and yet, statistics authentically show that not only do Liberals actually work, more than one job for many, they also receive less help from the government than their Republican counterparts who hate them so. Their hypocrisy is off the charts in so many ways. But I guess I’m just spewing “fake news” and “alternative facts.”
I challenge anybody to show otherwise. The ideology and actions of the Republican Party clearly demonstrate they are enemies of peace and positive progress, health and safety, and generations to come will pay dearly if the Republican Party is not stopped by good, decent, compassionate, and intelligent people everywhere.



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