This Week In Bat Shit Crazyland – Bong Rips For Brekkie Edition

bat shit crazy header by hip is everything

Once again our friends(?) over on the right have spent the week rousing the rubes with the usual fear and loathing for Jeebus crap that we’ve come to expect. And there was the usual plethora of the ever present “Trump Was Sent By Jeebus To Save The World From Itself, AND Those Gays” and “Trump Is Actually A Genius Who’s Just Pretending To Be A Moron To Deke Out America’s Many Brown Skinned Enemies” headlines over at Infowarts, The Sludge Report and Hatebart. But, as fucked up and bizarre as that always is, like every other week, a few fine ‘soldiers for liberty and ‘Murica the way God planned it’ stood loud, proud and hatefully ignorant above the rest …
So grab that morning caffeine, lean back and scratch your head ‘til it bleeds as we proudly present this week’s winners in the ‘race to the bottom’. Maybe a few huge bong rips might be a better idea, but hey, it’s morning, and usually one wants to wait until at least lunch for the blaze and blur. ‘Yer call kids …

Donald Trump Raises Suspicions About Justice Scalia’s Death

It Is Trump’s ‘Destiny’ To Subdue Ungodly Nations To Allow For The Spreading Of Christianity

Randy Thomasson: Adding A Non-Binary Gender Option To California Driver’s Licenses Will Lead To More AIDS Casualties

Bryan Fischer: ‘The Worst Example Of Cultural Appropriation In History Is The LGBT Community Stealing The Rainbow From God’

Pat Robertson: God Used Trump To Spare Us From Muslim Immigration

Immigration Is God’s Punishment For Evolution In Schools, Gay Rights & Legal Abortion

Michael Reagan: Men Should Sue Women For ‘Sexual Arousal’

Ted Cruz Launches Petition to ‘Build the Wall and Make El Chapo Pay for It’

But, my personal fave this week has to be …

Dave Daubenmire Warns Christians To Prepare For the Arrival Of ‘Extra-Dimensional Beings’ And Giant ‘Cloud eaters’

By Kyle Mantyla | April 26

Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire issued a rather cryptic warning on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning when he suggested that efforts are underway to deceive Christians into welcoming “extra-dimensional beings” who will soon appear as rescuers of the world.

Citing an article listed on the website of apocalyptic End Times activist Steve Quayle, Daubenmire warned that some unnamed “they” are “setting us up for the appearance of these, I believe, extra-dimensional beings that are going to come as our rescuers, the ones who are going to rescue the world and the very elect themselves, if it was possible, will be deceived.”

Daubenmire then cited another article about the “imminent return” of the “cloudeaters,” whom he asserted were an ancient race of giants, as he marveled that “this stuff is now falling into the mainstream thought, mainstream media, mainstream science” but Christians are not paying attention.

“The MK Ultras, the satanically ritually abused children,” he said, “all that kind of stuff, it is right before our face.”

I told ya’ the bong rips might be a good way to approach this shit …


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