“What’s That Buzz? Tell Me What’s Happening?” Nada, Absolutely Nada

Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen bragged during the campaign: “He’s an amazing negotiator, probably the best in this world.” Many times the Velveeta Raccoon has claimed the same.

Perhaps the best negotiators are not always the people who tell everyone that they are the best negotiators.

It’s kinda funny how the guy who was bragging his aging orange ass off the last two years about what a stud negotiator he is now wants to change the rules of the Senate so he can finally get a deal done. Sad!



and oh yeah, a “good shutdown” is always a good idea …
smh, what a petty, clueless dick.
Although ya’ gotta admit that it is pretty cute that Donnie thinks he’ll still be president come September.

This shit’s hard huh Donnie?


Apparently no-one was buying into his whining about Senate rules, so now, just a couple of hours later, he does what he always does and folds like a 2 dollar lawn chair in a tornado. Suddenly, he’s all for the budget bill. Two tiny little, orange thumbs up baby!

“After years of partisan bickering and gridlock, this bill is a clear win for the American people,” Trump said from the White House Rose Garden. “We brought lawmakers together from both sides of the aisle to deliver a budget that funds the rebuilding of the United States military, makes historic investments in border security and provides health care for our miners .”

IMPORTANT NOTE: The $1 trillion spending bill (so much for ‘fiscal conservatism’), which will keep the government running through September, does not include funds for a wall on the border with Mexico (in fact it prohibits any monies being used for the wall), nor does it damage ‘Obamacare’ in any way. AND Planned Parenthood WILL get it’s FULL funding. So will the NIH and Cancer research.
How does it feel to get rolled by “that clown” Schumer Donnie?  lol … priceless.


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