Kevin Swanson Is An Asshole, A Bigot And An All Around Waste of Flesh …

but hey, that’s just my opinion, which apparently I am still entitled to, at least for now …

bat shit crazy header by hip is everything

This asshole keeps popping up with his hate and bigotry …
and all in the name of Jeebus too … as usual …

Kevin Swanson: The Goal Of Public Schools Is To Turn Kids Into Transgender Communists

Radical anti-LGBTQ pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson declared on his “Generations” radio program yesterday that parents must remove their children from public education before the system turns them into transgender communists.

“The state has an agenda with your children,” he warned. “I realize that this may sound a little bit hyperbolic, it may sound [like] a little bit of an exaggeration—I don’t think it is, because I think if you begin to see the trajectory of where things have gone and you just draw it out for the next five, six, eight years, you’re going to find this is the agenda.”

“The goals of the educational program for your kids in the public schools,” Swanson continued, “the goals of the world for your children is that your kids be transgendered and communist by 20 years of age.”

“Of course this is the agenda,” he said. “Parents, just get serious about it. Do you want your kids transgendered and communist at 18 years of age? Is that your goal? If it isn’t, then maybe you ought to bring a different vision into the education of your children.”  By Kyle Mantyla


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