GOP To Americans …

a quick word from coward of the county Paul Lyin and BLOTUS to the American public …

“About that health care of yours …”


After years of promises and months of delays, House Republicans passed their version of an Obamacare repeal and replacement Thursday, muscling the far-right legislation through their chamber by feverishly pressuring moderates in the closing days.
Republicans passed the bill 217-213, with 20 Republicans voting “no” and not a single Democrat voting in support.
Republicans marched off this potential political cliff knowing their bill would un-insure tens of millions, undermine protections for the sick and poor, and probably face little chance of becoming law ― and they did it without a revised score from the Congressional Budget Office.
But at least it’s off their plate.
That, sadly, was the thinking among many members.

A couple of highlights …
The bill aims to take a wrecking ball to the principle of universal coverage. If enacted, tens of millions more Americans would end up without any health care. For many people who purchase individual policies, especially older people, it promises fewer services for more money. And it also proposes a HUGE tax cut for the rich, which would be financed by slashing Medicaid, the federal program that provides health care to low-income people.
But while the GOP Congress have said they are working to do “the right thing” for their constituents, they apparently do NOT want to apply the legislation to themselves. Under current law, members of Congress and their staff are required to purchase insurance through the Obamacare exchanges. But just to make sure they don’t screw themselves and their families while fucking over tens of millions of Americans, the Republicans who wrote the revised A.H.C.A. bill included a provision allowing members of Congress and their aides to retain the Obamacare regulations protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions from paying higher prices. Pretty much sums up who we’re dealing with here, doesn’t it?

Plus, now we’re all gunna hafta hear ALL about Donnie Bad Touch’s HUGE, AMAZING VICTORY! … ad nauseum … fuck.


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