This Is Your President People …

Trump was warned at least twice about Flynn.
He ignored Obama and fired Yates.
When the news broke, he blamed Obama and smeared Yates.
THIS is your president people.
Think about that.
The buck obviously stops nowhere near his desk.
It doesn’t even slow down in his neighborhood.

Donald J. Trump is a petulant, insecure, fear mongering know nothing who’s overwhelming ignorance is ONLY outweighed by his cowardice and complete lack of ability to take responsibility for ANYTHING.
A tiny little man.
A tiny little man who has repeatedly proved that he has no plan other than self aggrandizement and personal profit. He is nothing more than a classless boor and grifter.
He is poorly read, poorly educated and has NO curiosity about the world around him, and NO clue as to how the ‘system’ known as government actually works. He has proved it repeatedly, and continues to every single day.
He has the attention span of an eight year old boy with ADD, and the impulse control of an over tired 5 year old at midnight crashing after a sugar high.
He is a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist and a habitual liar.
He is, at best, a narcissistic sociopath, and at worst a wannabe Putin.
He is constantly vengeance driven, and extremely dangerous to all that disagree with his incredibly biased and narrow world view because of that.
THIS is your president people.
Think about that.


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