Donnie Bad Touch’s Long National Nightmare – Part 853.2

Whiner in Chief Donnie Bad Touch, on Tuesday, admitted that he revealed “highly classified” information while meeting with Russian officials last week, contradicting his administration’s earlier attempts to deny the story. Early Tuesday morning, Trump proclaimed that he has “the absolute right” to share any information he wants:


To summarize…
Tillerson: He didn’t do it.
McMaster: I was there. He didn’t do it.
Dina Powell: Lies! He didn’t do it.
Trump: Yep, I did it.
America: Fuck me, we’re all gunna die!

And all just so an old, dickless, insecure dementia victim can get his brag on … wow.

And still, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Steve King and the rest of the Republican dog and phony show, cowards that they are, are defending this idiot until the end … which hopefully, for the sake of democracy in America, won’t be much longer.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present today’s GOP: Profits and power over country! Always!


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