The Tweetle’s Tragical Hysteria Tour


During a belligerent, rambling, self pitying, hysterical and fear mongering rose garden address filled with lies, lies and more lies Petulant of the United States Donnie Bad Touch announced that he will withdraw the US from the Paris climate change agreement effective immediately. (even though it will actually take several years to withdraw – just keep those lies coming asshole) The decision was condemned immediately by environmentally concerned people world wide, and by most sane, thinking people who said it heralded the death of America’s position as a global leader, and that America can no longer be trusted to keep it’s word on any future deals with anyone. Combine that with the fact that the glorious leader Sum Dim Wit can’t be trusted to keep America’s allies secrets secret and you have the makings of yet another prima-Donnie tire-fire shit show clusterfuck. This time at the expense of the planet, not to mention our children, their children and their children, ad infinitum.
Yup, pretty much sums it up.
Oh yeah, Paul the coward Ryan and the sycophant chorus o’ boobs known as the GOP ran to the nearest camera to profess their admiration and undying servitude to the glorious leader and rave about all the “job saving” and “incredible futures” that their latest scam con grift sell-out plan will supposedly deliver.

TL;DR: Trump to Earth: “Fuck you!”  Earth to Trump: “Nah, fuck you!”


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