And knock it off with all the other bullshit and bluster too …


found at DU …

by: Orcrist

Stop with the Bill Maher BS

Here is my take.
The Republicans control the house, the senate, the White House and the supreme court. We have an insane ignorant, narcissistic, a-hole in the White House who is also a grossly incompetent, ass clown. Even if he wanted to make good decisions he wouldn’t have the intelligence or experience to know how. But this is basically irrelevant because he has no concern for making good decisions in the first place. He appears to be guilty of obstruction of justice not that the house or senate republicans will do anything about it however. Even worse is that he also appears to either be the willing accomplice of our worst foreign enemy or at the very least their naïve dupe who they are playing like a banjo. That being the case here are the things we should be worried about.
A foreign power may have affected the outcome of our last presidential election and the guy who won may well have been in on it.
Along with the republicans in the house and senate trump stands on the verge of overturning the Affordable Care Act which will take health insurance away from 24 million Americans. A move that will kill countless people who will no longer get the life saving medical treatment they need.
Trump has landed a crippling blow in the fight to do something about climate change by pulling the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord.
Trump has proposed Medicaid cuts that will not only hurt poor people immediately and directly but will also indirectly cause the closure of many small rural hospitals all over America. A move that will put people in many areas hours away from an ER room rather than minutes. More countless dead although I doubt anyone will ever compile the stats to show how many.
We have a sitting US president that wants to discriminate against people coming to this country based on their ethnicity and religion. Never thought I’d see that.
We have a president that is destroying or relationship with our NATO allies. A situation that emboldens Putin to start warming the tank engines up.
And last but not least he may just start world war 3 or set off a nuclear holocaust and just kill us all outright so none of that other stuff matters. And I’m not joking to say that both are a real possibility with this idiot. First time in my life we have had a president that I genuinely feel increases that risk dramatically. We are in the scariest waters we have been in since the Cuban missile crisis.
But hey lets obsess over Bill Maher. Cause that’s import s%#t.
To me this is like being on the Titanic. An iceberg looms before us. And some of you are tugging at my shirt sleeve trying to alert me to the fact that some of the lounge chairs on the lido deck have paint peeling off and need repainting. To be distracted by something so absurdly trivial at such a moment in time should call into question a persons mental stability.
But keep it up. Maybe we can keep the circular firing squads going until we wake up one day and have to live through a Ted Nugent administration. Or maybe president Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Laugh if you like. Ten years ago I would have laughed my ass off if you told me Donald Trump would be president. I’m not laughing now.

NOTE: tbh, I’ve personally pretty much had it with Bill for a long while now, what with the hints o’ Islamophobia and more than a few too many ‘gay cliché’ jokes, so if they actually do fire his ass, oh well, but that ain’t really the point here. And fuck it with the whole Kathy Griffin must pay bullshit … she fucked up, she went too far**, and she apologized repeatedly, so move on snowflakes … It’s focus time peeps. Period … B

** the guy is a total asshole though, and I really don’t remember all this snowflake poutgasm and tears of impotent rage whine-offs when all those Obama effigy’s, jungle references and small-dicked threats from Ted the draft dodger Nugent directed at President Obama and Hillary Clinton … fuck me, good old Donnie Bad Touch even invited that particular piece of shit for dinner and a brag off at the White House, and I don’t seem to remember any of these a-holes considering Sacha and Malia in the last eight years – not ever … so to make a long story short, to all the MAGA KKKIds and Faux Noise absorbers, fuck off with that whole whining, pearl clutching line o’ crap.


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