WTF Is Wrong With You?

WTF Is Wrong With You?  by Nance Greggs   Mon Jun 5, 2017

Yeah, Republicans – I’m talking to you.
I’m sure I am not the only person in the country – indeed, in the world – who wants to know exactly, precisely, and without any obfuscation, what the fuck is wrong with all of you.
Congratulations. You managed to put a known liar, racist, misogynist pig in the White House. He is stupid beyond imagination, and has never so much as tried to learn what his duties are, or shown any indication that he is aware of his responsibilities as the so-called ”president”. As his statements, actions, and behaviour have proven over the past four months, these are facts not open to debate.
And through it all, you have done nothing but make excuses for his idiocy, attempt to reason away his obvious mental instability, and defend his propagation of “alternative facts”.
So, again I ask the obvious question: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?
I realize Republicans are – to put it kindly – not the brightest people on the planet. But even the dumbest-of-the-dumb eventually realize that defending an obvious loud-mouthed idiot just might be a losing battle.
After just a matter of MONTHS in office, Trump has managed to insult our allies, undermine our commitments to NATO, and pull us out of the Paris Accord. He has repeatedly embarrassed our nation on the world stage, to the point where our country is no longer seen as the leader of the free world – and rightly so, because we no longer are.
This is no longer a matter of the majority of Americans being against everything Your Idiot Boy says and does; it is now a matter of the entire world relegating the United States to the status of a country that can’t be trusted, can’t be relied upon, and can’t be included among those nations that are more than willing to take the lead on tackling the problems that face all members of the global community.
From incoherent, non-sensical “tweets” to statements that completely ignore reality, from praising our enemies, Putin and the Russians, to insisting that all of the now-verified contacts between Trump & Co and Russian operatives are a witch-hunt, to declaring that the mayor of London told that city’s citizens that the recent terrorist attack was “nothing to be alarmed about”, you Republicans have continued to defend the indefensible.
Are you ALL as fuckin’ stupid as your Dear Leader? Are you ALL so ignorant of the facts? Are you ALL willing to pretend that a dumb-ass who can’t put two coherent sentences together is an appropriate POTUS of what used to be a nation that was globally respected, and is now considered untrustworthy? Are you ALL as willing to defend Putin’s Bitch as you are willing to throw your own countrymen under the bus? Are you ALL as anxious to watch in silence as our democracy is undermined by Your Idiot Boy’s behaviour? Are you ALL too fuckin’ stupid to realize that THE ENTIRE WORLD is watching as you continue to support/defend a man who continues to act like an ignorant, self-absorbed jerk-off whose only real interest is how much money he and his family members can pocket as a result of his so-called “presidency”?
Well, GOP, good luck with that. The 2018 midterms are almost upon us, and your Idiot Boy is about to lead your party into oblivion.
I, for one, look forward to your excuses as to why our country has lost its long-held status as the leader of the free world to become a nation of people stupid enough to elect a lying dumb-ass to its highest position. I anxiously await your “reasoning” as to why our nation’s loss of standing in the world has suddenly become unimportant. I await your “yeah buts”, your “what-about-Obama”, your “Hillary’s-emails” nonsense being profferred as explanations for defending a “president” who spends the majority of his time tweeting fact-free bullshit between golf games.
So the question stands: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Apparently, the answer is “everything”.


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