New GOP Theme Song

Paul ‘Witless Shrugged’ Ryan and turtle-boy Snitch ‘Vlad’s Bitch’ McConnell announced today that a new theme song for the GOP would be debuted shortly at this years ‘Hatealooza 2017’ the annual GOP getaway and homophobic/islamophobic extravaganza, and that they have enlisted Ted ‘The Splooge’ Nugent and renowned blowhard and Faux Noise host/bass player Mike Fuckabee to remake the Dead Kennedy’s “Kill The Poor”. “It just so captures what it means to be a Republican these days” McConnell stated. World famous coward Paul Ryan then added that he had been “dreaming about all of this since his kegger days in college and bleeding the poor of every ounce of respect, dignity and the ability to survive has LONG been a masturbatory fantasy of mine.” McConnell then gleefully blurted out the opening lines to “Oh Happy Day!” as he and Ryan skipped out of the room.


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