Huge Crowds For Tangerine Overlord

Huge crowds showed up in support of ‘Murica’s Glorious Leader’ today in Poland.

“Fake or not, these people really love me, and there appeared to be a million, a million and a half, maybe more, and they were going wild for me. All for me, and NOT Obama!” the Velveeeta Raccoon told the assembled press

“No-one has brought together women like our Glorious Leader!” – Kellyanne ‘the Con’s Way’, ‘chief advisor on woman stuff’ to the Terracotta Twit.

In a related story …

Women are not allowed to wear sleeveless attire in Paul Ryan’s House of Representatives
(this one’s real kids …)
According to numerous reporters, women have been barred from the Speaker’s lobby for wearing sleeveless dresses and blouses. CBS reports that recently, “a young, female reporter” tried to enter the Speaker’s lobby—a room outside of the House chamber where reporters generally ask legislators questions—but was turned away because the sleeveless dress she was wearing “was considered inappropriate because her shoulders weren’t covered.” – and away we go …



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